Presence is an online church community that exists to connect you with other people who are seeking to experience and live out of God’s presence and goodness.


It is a safe space where we can ask questions, receive answers, share our difficulties and discover hope and faith in Jesus. We support, comfort and encourage each other through the ups and downs of life.

We use a private facebook group to run our community.

You are welcome to join.

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Tel/ Text: 07500 833475

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James Simister

Every other part of our lives is online. Why shouldn't our church involvement be online too? It's easy to join. I encourage you to get involved!

Libby Rose

Online Church has given me a really easy place to find support, encouragement and answers to questions about the Christian faith. 

Noah Stannard

Being in a church community allows me to connect and form friendships with others while deepening our knowledge of Christ together.

Creating a Church Community online