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Listening - Prayer - Signposting

Everybody needs to be listened to. We all go through struggles and difficulties from time to time; it's part of life. 


The Wellbeing Service for Monks Cross staff is an initiative to provide up to three things (listening - praying - signposting) for any staff member at Monks Cross Shopping Park when you feel you need them.

What's it all about?


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Sometimes, simply being well listened to can really help when we're going through difficulties. 

We promise to listen confidentially to anything you want to share.

If you'd like us to, we will pray with you about what you're going through. We believe that prayer makes a difference. We've experienced that in our own lives.



Sometimes we all benefit from professional help and services, be it with our mental health, debt or other needs. We will seek to point you in the direction of professional services who can offer further support.


Meet The Team

Frances Simon

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James Simister

We won't solve all your problems.

We won't judge you.

We are not counsellors and therefore we will not counsel you.

We will not share with anybody else what you share with us (unless what you share involves yourself or somebody else at risk of harm or involves illegal activity, in which case we are obliged to pass information on to relevant authorities).

What we won't do

Blue Skies

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